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Bridge Into Light
Your Connection to Spiritual Guidance
Pam Cameron and Fred Cameron

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"What is being given to all of us now on Earth - without exception - is a special dispensation from God. This is the miracle. We are being offered the loving assistance of beings who exist in the fifth and higher dimensions. They are giving methods, encouragement, and a path to all of us, so we can begin our ascension process as the Earth begins hers..."

At this time of planetary evolution, it is essential that we each learn how to access our own inner wisdom. Bridge Into Light is a practical how-to book that will teach you a way to hear this guidance directly. The book includes exercises and affirmations to help you become more in touch with the higher parts of your self and your own spiritual guidance. Its purpose is to show you how to create a bridge to get your own answers, for the greatest wisdom lies within your own soul. If you are now ready, Bridge Into Light will help you find the best possible teacher - yourself!

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ISBN 1-88066-07-3

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