The Age of Realization

By Pam Cameron

We stand at the portal of such an incredible time. The veils which have held us in the illusion of third dimensional reality are thinning, and we can just vaguely begin to see a whole new world which lies beyond. The great light of realization is fast burning away the mists of unawareness, and soon the picture will become clear.

Our souls will comprehend that what is being revealed was always true, and there will be a joyful remembering as our souls awaken from their slumber of unawareness. These realizations will be welcomed like a long lost friend as we embrace the remembrance of what has been so long forgotten. Many of the new understandings will bring comfort. Our souls have always known the truth. Our souls have understood that the emotions and actions of separation were not in alignment with their true natures. And soon there will be peace as we each perceive in unmistakable ways that the illusion of separation has lifted. There will be more joy. We will exist in a field which is softer, where the armor of defensiveness will no longer be necessary and we will feel free to express our own magnificence as divine beings co-creating a harmonious world.

There are those in fear of the changes which are underway. They are afraid of what might happen and cling to past understandings with a vengeance. That fear is often founded on the idea of change itself thoughts about what could occur if imagination became real. But change is inevitable, and the changes at hand will bring us out of the darkness of unawareness into the light of a new understanding about ourselves and about our universe.

Revelations will pour forth, new discoveries and understandings will roll out with the unceasing rhythm of ocean waves lapping at the boundaries of our consciousness. It will be both exciting and disconcerting to realize that what we have believed collectively was so limited.

This new time will be known as the Age of Realization. It will be a time when the global consciousness is expanded into new understandings of reality as the old boundaries and limitations crumble away under the pressure of the revelations pouring forth. It will be a time of remembering our true natures as parts of the whole. It will be a time of realizing what our souls always knew but was kept hidden so that we could experience the full potency of the drama we were acting on the stage of planet Earth. Soon the illusion we have created in the theater of our existence will be complete. We are now in the final act of the play, and both he audience and the actors will remember it was all an illusion!