Spiritual Integrity
bj King

     As psychics or mystics, it is inappropriate to invade the thoughtforms or psychic space of another individual without being specifically invited by that person. To deliberately tune in to other people without being asked is equivalent to opening another person's mail, eavesdropping, or listening to the party line of a telephone.

     As we become more and more open, it is important for us to control our own energy space (and thoughts) and to not impinge on the energy space of other people. When we move out of being empathic and only get information about a person or situation by requesting that our Oversoul communicate with their Oversoul, we are following spiritual protocol.

     We are not to offer unsolicited spiritual advice, nor are we to place our hands on another person to deliberately give them energy or to alter their energy field in any way without being asked by them, or without first asking their permission. To do this infringes on a person's free will, which is against Spiritual Law.

     In our zealousness when we first begin to open up, we have a tendency to share all of the impressions and information we receive with other people, whether or not it is solicited. When we begin to be aware that healing energies are flowing through our bodies, we have a tendency to want to share this gift with everyone we meet who is suffering in any way. When we first learn a new spiritual tool, we have a tendency to want to practice it on everyone we meet.

     We may justify our actions by thinking that this is to their highest good. We have no idea (unless we have checked this in the Akashic Record) why this person is having this experience and what the relevance of this experience is to their spiritual growth. Therefore, we are interfering with Spiritual Law if we do not wait to be asked to intercede on that person's behalf, even with prayer.

     Just because we know something about another person, does not mean we should speak it. It may be premature for them to know or may be emotionally distressing. Wait to be asked. Do not volunteer.  Out of financial insecurity, I observe many spiritual workers seeking to do readings, healings and procedures for people - soliciting rather than waiting to be approached by individuals whose souls are directing them to have sessions through specific individuals.

     Certain individual are more suited than others at a given time through whom certain energies and information can be given and received. A person needs to wait to be intuitively guided to a certain individual through whom he feels his soul is guiding him to receive information or healing. A reader or practitioner needs to have enough integrity and discernment to know if, when they are approached, they are the correct person who is supposed to read or interact with the candidate seeking help. A reading should never be done because you need the money.

     If you refer the person to the appropriate reader, (and you will be intuitively guided) then wait. You will be sent more clients than you have time to work with - because of your integrity. Competition between spiritual practitioners is
always inappropriate.

     If we hold an intention of harmlessness and an intention to use information given to us spiritually - with integrity rather than self gain, self aggrandizement, or to impress others - we will be given more and more information. If we misuse the information given to us by sharing it inappropriately or using it to gain power over another person, psychically or mentally - our gifts and access will be revoked like a library card would be revoked if a person were abusing library books.

     Those who ask for and receive access to the Akashic Records are given probationary access to limited amounts of information until they prove themselves spiritually trustworthy to receive a broader range of information.

     We are always given information from Spirit on a "need to know" basis. When our ego demands to know more - which is not ours to know or just out of curiosity - this information is seldom accurately forthcoming. If a person persists, they may begin to access realms other than their own Oversoul and information may be (allowed to be) given which is not accurate either.

     The Oversoul allows this in order to bring forth a circumstance which will give the person an opportunity for a much needed spiritual lesson in discernment. Trust me. This is not a fun experience. I speak from past experience, which is how I learned what I know about protocol. I now ask only one question:

What is the next single thing for me to do or know to be in a state of divine grace?

It is best to communicate only with your own Oversoul, to accept information on a need to know basis and to use and disseminate that which you are given with discretion. It is best to focus on our own path and to ask for information which will be positively useful to ourselves. Then, if we feel intuitively led (not be our ego) to publish/share this information, a way to do that will be provided by divine right action.

     If we worked in a large corporation as the mail clerk, we would not send each request we had, directly to the president or CEO; we would speak with our immediate supervisor. We would, therefore, get a quick and easy-to-understand answer, which would be relevant to our position and in a language suited to our level of understanding. In my understanding, the same holds true for the relationship between the various departments of the order of The Hierarchy of this Universe.

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As psychics or mystics, it is inappropriate to invade the thought forms of another individual without being specifically asked.

A reading should never be done because you need the money.

We are always given information from Spirit on a "need to know" basis.

What is the next single thing for me to do or know to be in a state of divine grace?
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