• The Book of Pluto, Steven Forest, 1994. Explores this planet of intensity with wit, compassion and wisdom which will give in a novice student of astrology the tools to explore their greatest life lessons.   ISBN 9-780935-127348

  • The Eight, Katherine Neville, 1988. A mystery unravels across time. It's a quest, a game, and a spellbinding story all rolled into one.         ISBN 0-345-41908-1

  • The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz, 1998. Based on ancient Toltec wisdom, this book reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs that can rob us of joy. Its lessons offer a powerful code of conduct that can transform life to a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love.    ISBN 0-781878-424310

  • Sacred Journey, Eric Klein, 1998. JUST RELEASED. In this latest of his series on ascension, Eric shares his views about the nature of the spiritual path and recounts his own journey. This book carries the vibration of love, which has already touched so many around the world, with the message that the most direct path to Ascension is to come fully into the physical experience.
    ISBN 1-891850-08-3

  • Woman with the Alabaster Jar - Mary Magdalen and the Holy Grail, Margaret Starbird, 1993. A quest for the forgotten feminine -- in the hope that its return will help restore a healthy balance to Earth. Starbird draws her conclusions from history, heraldry, symbolism, medieval art, mythlogy, psychology, and the Bible.
    ISBN 9-781879-181038

  • The Holy Man, Susan Trott, 1995. Bring us  understandings into the search for wisdom in a refreshing yet simple allegory.
    ISBN 1-57322-532-0

  • The Kingdom of Shivas Irons, Michael Murphy, 1997.  Shivas Irons returns from Golf in the Kingdom to embark on a magical quest which leads to wisdom about golf and human potential. ISBN 9-780767-300188

  • MESA, Pam Cameron, 1998. More than a spiritual adventure, MESA brings courage and understanding to anyone who has ever received spiritual revelation. Includes detailed description of rituals to anchor Spirit into form.          ISBN 0-9657104-0-8

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