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Written by Pam Cameron   
ISBN 0-9657104-0-8   . . .  300 pages  . . .  $14.95

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"Once people believed the world was flat, but now we know that was wrong, and people just had a limited view of reality. Those clinging to their old beliefs were simply unaware.

Now are in another time of new and expanded awareness. There will be those who insist there is nothing beyond the third dimension. But in this lifetime, it will be proven that there is more to reality than has been believed in the past

"Categorically, Mesa is one of the best books about spiritual guidance, intuition, and vision this reviewer has seen information of immense importance that should aptly be described as revelations."   
                                                                        ..  Metaphysical Reviews

"Reading Mesa shows us that we can begin to perceive beyond the limits we have set for ourselves and learn to truly trust the guidance available to us."         
                                                                            ..  Concepts Magazine

"Look what happens when you follow your dreams."
                                                                                .. The Book Reader

"Mesa is far more than a colorful road map away from the helplessness, fear, and resignation we often create in our daily lives. It asks us to embrace our inner voice and trust the intuitive feelings that have been asleep for so long."                               

..  Nestor NightOwl, Shamanic Counselor

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